Milpitas Guitar Lessons

2022 Updates

Everyone made such great progress this year!  I’m fortunate to have you and such a great group of students to work with.

Starting in January 2022 I’ll be making some positive changes to the way we do things to give you more flexibility and more opportunities to learn about your instrument.

Please watch the video above for details.  And if you need to surf around to find specific information here are the time codes:

0:25 No price increases
Prices will be going up for new incoming students.  But your price will stay the same for as long as you’re actively taking lessons with me.

1:49 No late fees
No more late fees!  I never liked charging them and I’m going to make it easier for you to pay me on time.

2:13 No credit card fees
No more extra fees for credit card payments.  And I’ll be requiring everyone to set up a credit card or ACH for autopay so you never have to remember how to pay me or do anything extra.

3:12 New classes and workshops
Hour long lessons, extra lessons during the week, group workshops, guided practice sessions.  All sorts of new goodies in the works.  Don’t forget January 8th is our first group workshop about guitar amp setting and effects pedals.  Contact me if you want to get in on that.  And anyone who is spending $400 or more per month with me gets into the group workshops for free!

7:42 New studio management platform
Switching over to a new system that will give you lessons reminders, lesson notes, a place to get digital resouces, and more. Watch for another email with information about how to create your login.

9:17 Lesson recording
Still working on a solution for this that everyone can use.  If you happen to have an Nvidia graphics card you can use their Shadowplay function that seems to work well.

9:58 Cancellation policy reminder
24 hours notice is required for cancellations and reschedules.  Nothing new here.  

11:33 Membership system/Credits – Starting February 2022
We’ll be moving to a membership based system starting in February.  You’ll be billed for 4 lessons each month regardless of credits.  If there’s a 5th week you’ll be billed for that or you can use a credit.  Credits are valid for 120 days and can also be used for group workshops and extra lessons.  This gives you more flexibility in how to use your cancelled lesson credits and helps me forecast my finances to bring you more great stuff.

13:08 Hold Fee
If you’ll be missing lessons for a month or more there will be a $50 hold to fee to keep your time slot and your grandfathered in price.

13:49 Wrap up and Summary

If you have any questions please email me at Phil@MilpitasGuitarLessons com and I’ll be happy to answer them.

I will do my best to make all this new stuff go as smoothly as possible.  But please be patient with me as I’m doing all this myself.  Thanks!