Do you really need 11,000 lessons and
dozens of teachers to learn guitar?

Of course not! All you need is the 20% of guitar skills that will give you 80% of the music.

I've hacked guitar learning to give you a straight line from here to JamTown.

  • Start playing immediately with 24 concise lessons constructed around accelerated learning principles while learning real songs
  • Feel like a musician who can walk the walk and talk the talk when you learn chords, rhythm, lead playing, and music theory in the most straightforward way possible
  • Have more time for jamming with friends or playing for your kids

1 Year Private Lessons - $1920
1 Year Online Lessons - $142
1 Year Bumbling Around YouTube - Lame


Gets you playing for less money and less time...

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After studying music for 30 years with dozens of teachers, getting a college degree in guitar, teaching hundreds of students, playing thousands of shows, and writing a zillion songs, I realized something stupid....

I realized that the guitar skills I use on a daily basis are all things I learned really early on.  All that other musical gravy I spent years accumulating?  Useful every once in awhile, but certainly not anything I needed regularly to express myself musically.  Now you get the benefit of my epiphany.

  • Lessons Based on the 80/20 Principle

    If you follow Lifehacker, Tim Ferriss, or The First 20 Hours, you know you can get 80% of what you need with just 20% of the skills. I’ve got an 80/20 guitar plan completely laid out for you.

  • Concept Layering Helps You Retain Old Skills While Learning New Ones

    Every new guitar skill builds on previous ones to add new layers of depth and complexity to your playing.

  • It's About Your BRAIN and Your HANDS...

    The physical part of playing guitar is only half the game. You’ll also get the mental systems to think about music like a pro. And when you understand how to think about music, you’ll be able to learn more complex things easily on your own.

Get Personal Feedback From Me

Even with top notch lesson materials, you might miss some of the details that an eagle-eyed teacher will catch. So you'll also get 3 months of personal video feedback from me to make sure your technique is solid.


  • Q.Is this some shortcut that will just force me to relearn stuff the right way later?

    A.Absolutely not! I’ve taken special care to show you how professional guitarists think about music and the guitar so you can both play the songs AND understand them.

    You’ll have the most important skills and thought systems to play quickly, without sacrificing real musicality and knowledge.

  • Q.How long will it take me to get good?

    A.That’s completely up to you and how much practice time you put in.  With 20-30 minutes per day you should be proficient in 3 months and really comfortable with your skills in 6.  You can work at any pace you like, but consistency is the key to learning quickly and retaining your skills.  I’ll show you how to design your practice sessions for maximum efficiency.

  • Q.Does this program work for kids?

    A.It can work, but I don’t recommend it.  I’ve taught children as young as 8 with this program.  But they require a lot more hands-on and eyes-on attention to make sure their technique is good and that they understand the concepts.  Ages 14+ are best for this program.

  • Q.What styles does the program cover?

    A.The tools in “Less Is More Guitar” will help you play any style you’d like.  The example songs are pulled from Blues, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Country, Classical, and more. It’s not wide instead of deep.  It’s showing you all the things these styles have in common that transfer from one genre to the next.

You don't need to be overwhelmed by thousands of lessons to be the guitarist you want to be...

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