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Group Lab Session Membership

60-minute semi-private sessions with up to 3 other students.  Get personal instruction at your skill level along with the benefits of group playing to excel quickly.

Drop-in sessions also available.


Solo Session Membership

30-minute one-on-one coaching.  Refine and tune-up your guitar skills and music knowledge to build a cohesive system for understanding music and learning to problem-solve on your own.


Flex Session Membership

Get guitar training anytime day or not on your schedule.  The absolutely most flexible plan for reaching your guitar goals.All of the convenience of an online course PLUS the benefits of customized feedback and guidance.

Rated 5 Stars on Google, Thumbtack, and Lessons.com

"I'm an intermediate level guitarist and I've been taking Guitar lessons from Phil a little over 7 months now. Without a doubt, he's the best teacher that I've ever worked with so far. He's a true "guru", so to speak. My goals with him were to analyze song structures/theory and get into songwriting and I can definitely agree that my theory/technique and analysis skills have grown tenfold in a very short amount of time. He's very methodical and organized in his approach when it comes to teaching a lesson and tracking your progress. The best part about him is he tailors his lessons specifically for your skill level no matter what part of the journey you're in. He's very patient, humble and super fun to be with. He's an amazing professional with great depth of knowledge spanning across multiple genres. I would 100% recommend him to any aspiring guitarist."

Sivalalith M.

How You'll Benefit Taking Lessons With Me:

  • We’ll work by the 80/20 Rule. Right up front you’ll learn the 20% of stuff you need to play 80% of the music out there.
  • HOW you practice is just as important as what you practice.  And you’ll learn how to use accelerated learning principles to get the maximum achievement out of your practice sessions.

  • Just like a trainer at the gym, I’ll be there to motivate you to keep working at it. And be the extra pair of eyes to catch the details you miss. (And show you how to catch them yourself.) 

  • No potholes in your knowledge!  Many teachers will show you how to play the song, but not why you’re playing what you’re playing.  That just leaves you stuck when you start the next song.  You’ll get all the important parts here.  Technique, musicality, theory, notation, improv, and more.  (And don’t let that ‘notation’ part scare you.  I’ve got a great system that makes it super duper easy!)

  • It’s all geared towards songs and music styles you want to learn.  (I might turn you on to some stuff you’ve never thought of playing too!)


And who the heck is
Phil Johnson?

Motivation, strategy, and problem solving have been the backbone of my teaching philosophy since I started in 1994. (That’s over 45,000 lessons…) I’ve helped hundreds of students reach their guitar goals, expand their musical world, and tap into their creativity. (Even the ones who claimed they had no creativity!)

As well as being a lifelong musician who’s played in everything from symphony orchestras to theater pits to rock bands, I’m also a nationally touring performer with dozens of releases. Real world, in-the-thick-of-it knowledge learned over thousands of shows that you can take advantage of.