Studio Policies

Studio Policies

Welcome to your guitar training!  I hope this will be an enjoyable and educational
time for both of us.  Please be sure to read my policies below.  Thank you.


    Your membership fee includes four lesson credits per month. If an additional lesson is take you’ll be billed for that lesson separately and in addition to your normal membership rate.

    Whether it’s a month with 5 weeks, a group workshop, an extra lesson during the week, or you’re inspired to try out a new instrument, feel free to go where your interests flow. Just know if it falls outside your prepaid services it may be extra.

  2. PAYMENT: Tuition for the upcoming month will be paid via auto pay with the credit card you have on file with Milpitas Guitar Lessons on the first day of the month. You can change or update your credit card through the Student Portal.

    Payment may only be made via auto pay with a credit card or ACH. Cash, checks, and other forms of payment are not accepted.

  3. SOLO SESSION CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before your scheduled session time. You will be issued a make up credit to redeem when it works for you. Rescheduling between your schedule and mine can be difficult, so a virtual lesson or pre-recorded lesson may need to be issued. Refunds are not available for missed lessons.
    I need your commitment to show up during the time you reserve with me so I can deliver as promised.

    Make up credits expire after 120 days. They can be used for Solo Session make up spots, Group Lab Sessions, or Flex Sessions (Video lessons via LessonMate).
    Cancellations of less than 24 hours will not receive a make up credit. This includes technical problems, illness, work-related reasons, etc.
    You must have an active studio membership to use makeup credits.

  4. GROUP LAB SESSIONS: Lab Sessions are done on a drop-in basis and no makeup credits will be given for missed or cancelled sessions.

    You may reschedule yourself into any other available Group Lab Class that has room. As a courtesy to others doing the same, please give at least 12 hours notice for canceling and rescheduling. You’ll appreciate it when others do the same for you.

    I need your commitment to show up during the time you reserve with me so I can deliver as promised.

    Your membership includes 4 session credits each month. If you cannot make all 4 sessions in the month, up to two (2) of your credits may be carried over to the next month and be used in addition to your new 4 credits for that month. Previous month credits will be used after your regular monthly credits and will expire at the end of that second month.

    Refunds are not available for missed sessions.

    You must have an active studio membership to use credits.

  5. THEMED WORKSHOP CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations must be made at least 4 hours before the scheduled class. Cancellations of less than 4 hours will be subject to a one-time $10 fee.
    This is to ensure it’s easy for those who are serious about taking a class to get a spot and that I have adequate time to program for those who will be coming.
  6. MEMBERSHIP FREEZE: If you’ll be taking a full month or more off from lessons there will be a $50 per month fee to hold your time slot and your current membership price.   All membership freeze requests must be made in advance. No retroactive membership freezes are permitted and your account must be in good standing. You may freeze your membership for up to 3 months.
  7. PRACTICE AND PREPARATION: Students are expected to be well prepared for each session. This includes practicing, and bringing all of their sheet music with them. Be tuned up and ready to go. For online lessons have your equipment – including headphones and mic – set up and tested before your lessons starts. I recommend at least 20-30 minutes of practice per day.
  8. FAMILY DISCOUNT:  If two or more members of the immediate family are enrolled in lessons (i.e. siblings or parent/child), there is an $8 discount per month for each student enrolled from the same household. These discount prices will depend on openings in my schedule.  If I do not have any open time slots, the family member will be put on my waiting list and the discount price will go into effect for both students when and if I can find a spot for the family member.
  9. REFERRAL PROGRAM: Earn free sessions! I’d like to reward those of you who send your friends to me for training. When your friend contacts me to sign up for lessons, make sure they tell me who referred them.

    After your friend has paid for their first full month of lessons you will earn 25% off your next month’s membership. This offer is limited to open slots in my schedule. If I cannot fit your friend into my schedule, they will be placed on my waiting list and you will receive your discount when and if they can be scheduled later.

    Discounts are stackable with multiple referrals.
    2 referrals – 50% discount
    3 referrals – 75% discount
    4 referrals – Free Month

    Referrals are counted within each calendar month and based on the start date of the new student. I reserve the right to not take on a student who isn’t a good fit for the programs I offer.

  10. RULES, REGULATIONS AND SCHEDULES. Member agrees to abide by all Milpitas Guitar Lessons rules, regulations and schedules which may be found in this Agreement, online or issued orally, and which may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of Milpitas Guitar Lessons Management.
  11. LIABILITY WAIVER. In consideration for Member being given access to Milpitas Guitar Lessons, Member hereby releases, waives, discharges and covenants not to sue Milpitas Guitar Lessons, its subsidiaries, DBAs, affiliates, successors, contractors, agents, representatives and/or employees from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or relating to any damage to Member’s property or loss, damage or injury that Member personally sustains, whether caused by the negligence of Milpitas Guitar Lessons or its representatives or not while participating in Milpitas Guitar Lessons programs and/or attending Milpitas Guitar Lessons events regardless of location. Member hereby assumes all risks to Member’s property and Member’s person and in no way, will Milpitas Guitar Lessons be liable to Member for any damages Member sustains.
  12. REVOCATION OF MEMBERSHIP. Milpitas Guitar Lessons reserves the right to revoke and/or cancel this Agreement at any time for any reason in which the Member will receive a refund of all monies paid pursuant to this Agreement no later than fifteen (15) days after such revocation provided that Milpitas Guitar Lessons may retain expenses incurred or the portion of the total price of this Agreement representing the services used or completed, and provided further that Milpitas Guitar Lessons may demand the reasonable cost of goods and services which the Member consumed or wishes to retain after revocation.
  13. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS. By continuing lessons with Milpitas Guitar Lessons you are accepting these terms and conditions.